Gorilla Oil – Musky Earth


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Scent: Gorilla has essential oils that give it a musky, earthy scent for when you sometimes want to feel like a silver back gorilla.

Each Oil is made from a blend of the finest base oils and essential oils:
Coconut oil which is known for its multiple benefits to hair and skin with vitamin E oil and proteins, it is a must in any beard oil base.
Jojoba Oil is an emollient which means can sooth skin and unclog hair follicles which can encourage hair growth.
Argan Oil also known as liquid gold or Moroccan oil is known for its tremendous properties in being able to reverse damage to hair and hair follicles and helps fight acne and ingrown hairs.
Tea tree oil which has properties known to aid in the killing of bacteria, fungi and help reduce allergies and skin reactions.

Made with our exclusive blend of other essential oils.


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